St Aloysius College Advanced Research Centre

St. Aloysius College Advanced Research Centre is affiliated to Tumkur University.  It was inaugurated by Prof Balaram on 02-06-2012.

Dr Norbert Lobo is the Director of the Research Centre.  

The following departments are recognized for research under this centre.

  • PG Department of Engllish
  • PG Department of Commerce
  • PG Department of Chemistry
  • PG Department of Management
  • Department of Biosciences
  • PG Department of Economics
  • PG Department of Kannada

The following research guides are appeared under the research centre

  • Dr Saraswathi, Department of Kannada
  • Dr Vishwanath Badikana, Department of Kannada
  • Dr Lourdusamy, Department of English
  • Dr Richard Gonsalves, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr Ronald Nazareth, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr Babu Thomas, Department of Management
  • Dr K. V. Nagalaxamma, Department of Biosciences
  • Dr Suresh Poojary, Department of Commerce
  • Dr Norbert Lobo, Department of Economics
  • V. B. Hans, Department of Economics – St Aloysius Evening College
  • Mahalinga Bhat, Department of Kannada – St Aloysius Evening College

There are 53 research scholars working for the Ph.D under these guides.  PG Department of Chemistry and PG Department of Management (MBA) have successfully completed six months course work for seven and six research students during 2013-14.


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