Students’ residential necessities are paramount for the management of St Aloysius College. The college has separate student hostels in each of the campuses for both men and lady students. Furthermore, the hostels in the main campus are divided into hostels for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Both ladies and gents hostels are headed by directors. In addition, the ladies hostels are managed by Sisters of Charity, ably led by a warden from the sister’s ranks.

Hostel Seats for Socially and economically weaker sections: 50% of the hostel seats are reserved for students from socially and economically weaker sections

In addition to the on-campus hostels, off-campus hostels are in the plans for starting residential programmes. It is proposed to have understanding with private operators for immediate needs.

Details of the Hostel Directors & Wardens

Boys Hostel Director            :  Fr John Lang Bosco SJ - Contact No. 9740523475
Boys Hostel Wardon             :  Mr Alex Joseph Rodrigues - Contact No. 1449723/ 9481447548
Ladies Hostel Director          :  Fr Pradeep Anthony SJ - Contact No. 2449726/ 9480749750
Ladies Hostel Warden          :  Sr Preethi Prathima BS - Contact No. 9686717397
PG Ladies Hostel Director  :  Rev. Dr Melwyn S Pinto SJ - Contact No. 2449726/ 8861758170


Details of Hostels ( No. of Rooms, Students accommodated, floor area per student proposed to reside)

Available space for Boys Hostel in Main campus 

5766 sq mts 170 rooms for 333 students Floor Area 17.34 sq mts per student

Available space for Ladies Hostel in Main campus 

5456 sq mts 154 rooms for 282 students Floor Area 19.35 sq mts per student

Available space for Boys Hostel in AIMIT campus 

2076 sq mts 50 rooms : 171 capacity Floor Area 12.16 sq mts per student

Available space for Ladies Hostel in AIMIT campus 

2706 sq mts 50 rooms : 130 capacity Floor Area 20.82 sq mts per student


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