We, the Ex-students of the St Aloysius Institutions, Mangalore have resolved to form ourselves into a registered Association so as to bring together all the Alumni of our Alma Mater and accordingly have resolved to register our Association and have it called as the St Aloysius College Alumni Association.

Why Register as Alumni

As an old student of St. Aloysius Institutions, you may want to get in touch with your batchmates, old friends, your teachers who were old students of St. Aloysius. You can reminisce, exchange news, renew friendships, perhaps even form business associations.

Becoming a member gives you access to a database of old students of your college, you can chat with them online, you can form communities, you can upload photos, participate in forums and much more. If you are already a member you can sign in directly, if you are not a member, then send in your details through the registration form below.


The St Aloysius College Alumni Association shall strive:

  1. To provide a forum for Aloysian Alumni to put Aloysian values and aspirations into practice
  2. To promote cordial relationship among Aloysian Alumni by bringing them together through various programmes;
  3. To foster the spirit of fellowship among Aloysian Alumni by enabling them to maintain contact, wherever they may be, and by involving them in humanitarian endeavours;
  4. To propagate Aloysian values among fellow persons, so as to inculcate in them these vales, and
  5. To create an awareness among new generations of Aloysian Alumni that they have the obligation to work for the betterment of their less privileged brothers and sisters, and to train them to strive for a just and equitable social order.

The benefits of the Association shall be open to all irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

MEMBERSHIP : The membership of the Association shall be open to the following persons.

  1. Ex-students of the St Aloysius institutions, who shall be Life-Members of the Association;
  2. Teaching and non-teaching staff of the St Aloysius Institutions, who shall be Life Members of the Association;
  3. Spouses of Ex-students and of teaching and non-teaching staff of the St Aloysius Institutions, who shall be Associate Life Members of the Association
  4. Alumni of Jesuit Institutions in India who re residing in Mangalore, who shall be Honorary Members of the Association for the duration of their residence in Mangalore
  5. The Rector of the St Aloysius Institutions, shall be the Patron of the Association

We welcome you Aloysians to be the life members of SACAA by filling the details, if you are not registered as a life member yet. Thank you for your time

Please send a Cheque or DD for Rs 500/- drawn in favour of SACAA, Mangaluru to the postal address given above. Kindly write your Name, Mobile, Email ID and Reference Number on the reverse of the Cheque /DD

For NEFT Fund Transfer use the following details

Bank: Central Bank of India
Branch: St Aloysius College Branch
Address: St Aloysius College Road, Mangaluru 575003
IFSC Code: CBIN 0283976
Account No: 1402502509

The membership number will be issued and will be communicated to you once the details given by you are verified & the membership fees is credited to the SACAA account.


Misuse of data and images from the college website is not permitted. Serious legal action would be initiated against the miscreants.