Aloyseum – The Aloysius Museum

It is a unique museum with a total floor area of 4337 sq.ft. It has items such as first car in Mangalore, first generator of the city and traditional items of local culture. 
It also has a large collection of fossils, shells, skeletons, artefacts of local culture, for education of students of the College and of school children from the district as well as visitors. 
The museum was renovated in the year 2011-12 by the financial aid received from UGC. A visitor book is kept in the Museum. Besides, the departments of Botany and Zoology have maintained separate Museums in their respective departments where a large collection of local fish, earthworms and frogs, plants etc. are exhibited.


The college has seperate archive section which boasts of different books written and published by the staff of the college, thesis and dissertations of PhD and M.Phil Degrees, College Calendars, Student Publications of the college and newsletters going as back as 1890s. Old books and manuscripts are available in the archives.


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